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    Friday, January 30, 2009

    Sustainable Mobility

    Now!Move is a project we do on sustainable Mobility, mobility that doesn't take more than it gives.

    The first subject we are tackling is our Congested Cities. The suffocating grip traffic has on our daily life. Specially in older cities, never build for large number of cars, we could do with a new approach.

    A congested city (or country) usually means an economic congestion as well, but it definitely spells problems concerning safety and health for the people living in the city.

    So what can we do? Well, one of the biggest problems is using your car for short trips. One possible solution: everyone should use a bicycle for trips shorter that 5 Km.

    To a City like Amsterdam this would mean an almost car free city. It means an economic boast because of the more Accessible City, and last but not least it would have a big positive effect on health because of the improved air-quality, safety on the roads and people simply getting more exercise. There is a lot to profit.

    Now, this is never going to happen quick. Mentalities, politics, laziness and old habits are in the way. They always are. But in due time there is no doubt that things will start moving.

    Now!Move is going to give a little push.

    This blog on the project is put up to keep you posted. But more important we set up a experimental "project twitter" to have a real conversation.

    So join the conversation on Twitter ( and place @NowMove before your Tweets so we can track the conversation.

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