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    Saturday, April 11, 2009

    DesignThinkers on Sustainable Design

    Last week I gave a presentation in Finland for student (and teachers) of the Savonia University of Applied Sciences. Subject: Sustainable Design.

    I first and foremost wanted to inspire them and give them a lot to think about. And I played a few mind-games.

    But the most important point I tried to make is a fairly simple one:
    We, humans, are not that special. And we are not in control as much as we would like to make ourselves believe. 'Man made' and 'natural' are often used as if they are opposites. But every new scientific discovery on this subject shows us again and again that we are an almost indistinguishable part of everything around us. We are nature. Acknowledging this is an important step in the discovery of who we are, what we are, where we are, and how we can build a future without destroying our home.

    Take a look at the presentation below.

    There was an alternative reason for me to be in Finland. I am part (and co-founder) of the Social Design Taskforce and we are working on a project for Greenpeace. A group of students from the Savonia University is helping us with research and prototyping. I'll soon tell you more about this very exiting project and the Social Design Taskforce.


    rib said...

    This post and presentation are a fresh and enlivened response to so many dry, cliches. Especially sharp that you to debunk the false dichotomy which renders human and nature in opposition.

    I'm commenting only having gone 1/2 way through your presentation so far. I don't know how you designers do it, but I can "feel" your message.

    Thanks for the effort, for provoking thought.


    Oliver said...

    Hi Arne,

    I like the presentation slides and it touches 2 of my passions: Design and Sustainability.
    I'll stop by your blog every now and then to keep up with developments :-). The social design project sounds interesting.


    Katja said...

    Hi Arne, thanks for posting your slides. Those helped a bit because I could not attend the seminar in Kuopio. Good material for inspiration here in the Philippines :)
    I hope we´ll see some day again. Katja

    Arne van Oosterom said...

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Talking about sustainability can be a hazardous undertaking. There are so many unknowns, cliches and false pretenses out there.

    This presentation is me trying to make sense of it all.