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    Tuesday, March 10, 2009

    Core Principles

    Seedmagazine is publishing a new column by Paola Antonelli on design and science. Paola Antonelli is the senior curator of design and architecture at New York's Museum of Modern Art.

    Her column will focus on innovation and consider objects as gateways to information and services; as means rather than mere commodities.

    It struck a cord and left me hungry for more...

    " From chairs to interfaces, from food-delivery trucks to conceptual scenarios on the impact of nanotechnology — design takes into account people's needs and concerns, helping them live better within the broad context of the world; it maximizes the available means to achieve the most satisfying outcome, and produces culture in the process."

    "Designers stand between revolutions and everyday life."

    "They're able to grasp momentous changes in technology, science, and society and convert those changes into objects and ideas that people can understand."

    "Design is looking for a unified theory — or maybe just for a theory tout court — for, in spite of its permanence and inevitability, it is still a rather unexplored region of human creativity."

    "Science can teach design how to find its own core."

    "Designers find themselves today at the center of an extraordinary wave of cross-pollination.
    Because of their role as intermediaries between research and production, they often act as the primary interpreters in interdisciplinary teams, called upon not only to conceive objects, but also to devise scenarios and strategies."

    Read the article...

    Via Derek Stewart


    Qin said...

    interesting... last week I had a discussion with my supervisor on research methodology and we actually came across a similar topic on how to define 'abductive research methodology'.

    Traditionally, science approach knowledge by testing hypothesis in two ways: inductive or deductive. However, in most design research the aim is not to test the law of nature or human society, but to project into future possibilities...

    Thanks for the link, good source for my methodology chapter :)

    hope that you writing worked out as well!


    Arne van Oosterom said...

    Glad to be helpful