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    Monday, October 20, 2008

    Service Opportunities

    A great list of service opportunities from Patricia Seybold (Outside Innovation).

    ".... Here are just a few examples of customer-unfriendly policies that annoy customers while increasing operational costs:

    • Placing a multi-day hold on funds deposited at an ATM machine, forcing customers to come into the branches to make deposits so they can access their money (a common banking practice in several countries).
    • Requiring that a serial number match a service contract number before you'll provide technical support or renew a support contract.
    • Requiring that the customer type in a long license key in order to load the software he has purchased.
    • Limiting the number of times a customer can load a game, music, or other purchased intellectual property on his own machines or systems.
    • Making it difficult for customers to return or exchange goods they have purchased.
    • Making it difficult for customers to redeem coupons or rebates in the hopes that they will neglect to do so.
    • Making it difficult for distribution partners to gain approval for promotional programs and deals before they can quote a price to end-customers.
    • Making it difficult for customers to renew, exchange, and/or co-terminate a support contract that covers a number of products, many of which have been added, moved, or amended since the contract was originated.
    • Making it difficult for customers to change the terms of a loan, mortgage, or other financial agreement when their circumstances have changed.
    • Providing networked products that can't self-register and identify themselves when they connect to a network.
    • Requiring customers who travel to pre-notify their credit card providers and their mobile/wireless providers that they are about to travel in order to ensure that they receive uninterrupted service. "

    Read the article.....

    (Via Choosenick)

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